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We deliver results to pharma companies

We understand pharma companies and the pharma value chain, as well as the regulatory environment in which pharma operates. We also understand technology and the strong current that flows through industries as well as society - to digitally redefine and transform businesses. Trust us to help you harness the power of technology and optimize process and organization in order to deliver what is required, both today and tomorrow.

Set strategic direction for your technology investments to meet organizational goals 

Never before has there been more complexity in operating and delivering PV, across global compliance, product surveillance, risk management, safety governance and communication etc.

We can help you redesign your processes, build a roadmap of change and navigate priorities, in close collaboration with your experts and PV leadership team

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HALOPV is the new industry standard for PV process management and automation.

HALOPV is a revolution in the way companies can get their processes run efficiently. From PSMF management, Signal Management, Risk Management, SDEA management, to ICSR intake and Regulatory Intelligence + much more, HALOPV is the way to get global collaboration, control of compliance. It also includes a number of Artificial Intelligence automators, e.g. for translation and reading through unstructured text. Already in use with both tier 1, 2 and 3 pharma 

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Born in the cloud. Cheaper, more secure and better for the environment.

We are experts on making  pharma GxP work well in the cloud. We offer a pre-validated, pre-integrated and include upgrades in the Our partnership with AWS provides great opportunities to increase all the important things around managing a GxP software, while decreasing the CO2 emissions.

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