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Discover how Insife’s HALOPV module for ICSR Intake uses AI and cutting-edge automation technology to transform the speed and efficiency of the PV data intake process here


Insife’s revolutionary platform manages all multivigilance processes from operational to scientific, in the world’s first fully comprehensive and cohesive solution.

Used by:

Cutting-edge technology, easy setup, and pre-configured workflows enable immediate system utilization for pharmaceuticals, biotechs, regulatory agencies, and research organizations.

Our unique offering, Global Regulatory Intelligence for PV (GRIP), combines global PV requirements with ground-breaking technology and networking.


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Northern Lights

Changing the face of drug safety technology and consulting worldwide

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Dedicated to providing the highest quality pharmacovigilance domain expertise across the globe

With more than 100 PV FTEs across the world, Insife is proud to be the biggest Europe-based company of its kind


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