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Argus Safety

We are an accredited Gold Partner for our expertise in Argus Safety

Liberate your time with our world-class consultancy on Argus implementations, upgrades, changes, and support.

Experience unprecedented cost savings by running Argus in the Insife Cloud

From strategic discussions to user interface design, process configurations, and delving into the technicalities of Argus, we possess over 10 years of experience assisting companies.


Insife is actively engaged in multiple implementations, upgrades, and changes for industry members. We can help ensure your safety database deployment is successful and provide a streamlined approach to implementing best practices.

Argus Consulting

We can assist you with a multitude of activities through our consulting unit. We can provide a customized proposal based on your needs and offer a combination of on-site and off-shore resources according to your preferences.

Contact us today at to initiate a free scoping exercise without any commitment to proceed further.

We cater to the Argus Safety consulting needs of both top 10 pharmaceutical companies and smaller biotechs.

Streamlined Argus Management in the Cloud

Did you know that Argus need not be overly expensive? We have worked diligently to establish a GxP, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant, standardized Argus in the cloud solution that includes all the necessary components, such as annual upgrades and support.

Send us an email at, stating your needs, and we will promptly provide you with a proposal.

Why pay for expensive implementations and engage in time-consuming work setting up servers and figuring out how to purchase licenses?


Argus Safety in the Insife cloud is fast, secure, dedicated to you, and ready to go. We have made all the necessary arrangements, including validation scripts, to ease your compliance. Order today and be ready in as little as 2 weeks. Moreover, it is jaw-droppingly inexpensive because we have automated most of the tasks involved in setting it all up.

* MedDRA and WHODrug licenses need to be procured directly with the MSSO and UMC/WHO

** The timeframe provided does not include data migration, which requires consulting effort

Want to know more, get a demo or take it for a test drive?

We would love to tell you more and answer any questions you have, take you through a demo or let you test the system so you can explore yourself. Just email


We look forward to working with you.

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