Clinical Master Data Management

ClinMDM delivers accurate view of Clinical Master information to all transactional and analytical systems in the organization. With the help of ClinMDM, data in fragmented environment can be consolidated, cleaned and can be made available to systems or users who need a single view of real data. Organizations get the benefit of getting a single point of view to manage and monitor a site which is associated with multiple studies or with multiple Sponsors

ClinMDM™ is developed and maintained by Vitrana Inc. Through a partnership, Insife and Vitrana  deploy Clinical solutions in collaboration. The partnership combines the proximity and deep understanding of clients and industry with a large selection of market-proven solutions and cost-effective project delivery

Architectural overview
  • Real time addition , modification of Rules to determine duplicates within the source and between sources and the MDM HUB using Vitrana Clinical Rule Engine

  • Flexible Rule modification using intuitive UI to ensure business involvement in changing and defining rules

  • Standardization of data (Person and Organization names, Addresses, Phone numbers, Email and Identification numbers)

  • Intuitive UI for data validation and standardization

  • Categorization, grouping and hierarchical management of master data entities

  • Powerful Data Stewardship using State of the art Data Science Algorithms

  • Web-Services for quick and easy integration with other systems to consume mastered data

  • Detailed Audit capture and easy UI to track changes by the system and by the user

  • Data Merging and Splitting backed by System of Records to ensure that most important data resides in the hub

  • Advanced Search capabilities like Fuzzy and Synonym Search on Mastered Data


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