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World class security and HIPAA / GDPR compliant

Incredibly fast deployment and flexible subscription model

High availability and performance

Extremely competitive pricing

Built for life sciences

Faster deployment. Pre-configured, pre-integrated, pre-tested. Smaller price-tag. Shorter commitment.

Equals to flexibility that is rewarding from day one.

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A partnered offering with the best-in-class industry providers, the Insife cloud is the best way to get access to technologies that will get you further, faster.


Our cloud value proposition for pharma

No constraints on scale and integration configurations. Allows you to start small and grow

Best in class tools on an innovative & fully adaptable cloud platform

Single window solution on Amazon Web Services cloud technology

Seamless collaboration of providers to get great service experience (hosting, application consulting and management services)

A dedicated environment or shared infrastructure at your choice. Just in Time ramp up and ramp down options to match to your evolving business needs

Option to have one complete or individual contracts for application consulting, management services and cloud hosting. Flexibility to partner with any number of 3rd party service providers

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