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Denis Rilley

Principal Consultant

Denis has a BSc Honours Degree in Chemistry from University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, and his career began in the laboratory.

Denis proved to have an aptitude for leadership, and his management career had an explosive start. He was employed by AEL in South Africa, one of the world’s biggest explosives manufacturers for use in commercial mining. He had a talent for both operations management and technical management and was soon promoted to Plant Manager of two plants covering all aspects of manufacturing. A position he held for 5 years.

His skills within the various aspects of management, and interest in consulting, led to a position as Senior Consultant with the international consulting corporation World Class International (WCI Consulting) which later became Navitas Life Sciences.

Meet the Expert

Denis Rilley, Principal Consultant, Insife

From manufacturing to PV

His move into PV might not have seemed obvious at first, but it turned out that Denis had exactly the right background, combining his experience and capabilities within the three business areas of chemistry, manufacturing, and management. 
In the beginning his clients were from all industries and needed consulting and assistance to optimize their production lines and manufacturing, but implementing lean PV was a growing demand, and WCI decided to dedicate a team of consultants to focus on this. Denis was one of them, and later moved permanently with his family to the States to join the US office of WCI Consulting.
Here Denis accelerated his knowledge and experience to become an expert in PV and is certified as a Six Sigma Lean Black Belt Professional by Management and Strategy Institute in the United States. 

Moving on and Breaking New Ground

Denis consulted with Navitas Life Sciences for 23 years, and started seeing new developments in the market and customer’s demands, and this led to a move to Insife.
Denis explains: 
“The need for implementation of innovative solutions and automation to support end to end PV processes has been growing and I wanted to be part of a company at the forefront of implementing ground-breaking technologies. This was why I chose to join Insife. A former college of mine had already established the US office and I was impressed by the solutions and results Insife was delivering.”

Acceleration of Demands

According to Denis we are currently seeing an unprecedented focus on technology solutions supporting end-to-end PV:
“For a very long time pharma companies have lagged other industries in implementing innovative technologies, resulting in a huge technology deficit. This combined with both stricter PV legislation and raised expectations, means that pharma companies are focusing on being compliant, competitive, and reducing their operational costs”, says Denis adding:
“They have realised that written procedures are not sufficient and that manual processes are inefficient and prone to human error. They have accepted the need to formalize and manage processes through structured workflow tools, allowing performance measurement leading to compliance”. 

“This especially applies when it comes to start-ups, In recent years many small but very innovative start-ups have entered the life science industry. To them implementing a compliant PV system especially as they move into the post-marketing phase and not yet having the size and skillsets to resource a specialised PV department is a huge challenge. The key is to establish workflowed based PV processes from the get-go to allow scalability, consistency, and compliance and also to secure institutional knowledge. This makes HALOPV the ideal tool for them”, Denis concludes.

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