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The Global Regulatory Intelligence Club for Pharmacovigilance






The Global Regulatory Intelligence Club for Pharmacovigilance is a unique combination of technology, benchmarking and networking, specifically for Pharmacovigilance professionals that are involved in the value-chain of identifying, assessing and implementing requirements.

What you get

The club is designed to provide value immediately, at a cost as low as a conference day. You will get a number of benefits:

HALO Requirements Intelligence Club Edition

As member, you get license and cloud access to the revolutionary HALO software with the Requirements Intelligence process enabled. With this, you can manage all your regulatory requirements across the globe. Also, HALO Requirements Intelligence process features a ground-breaking live benchmarking functionality that will allow you to compare your requirements with other organizations across Industry. You will be able to identify new requirements and verify existing ones easily.

Annual meeting in USA, Europe and Asia

Every year, in Q4, there will be a full-day annual face-to-face meeting in USA, Europe as well as Asia, as an opportunity to engage in analyses, discussions on challenges and solutions to specific regulatory requirements with peer members. Spend time getting to know how others have dealt with the same issues as you. Annual meeting presentations will be a mix of Insife consultants, Industry members and as possible, also Health Agencies. All fees for the annual meeting are included in the club membership.

Ad hoc topical meetings - your agenda

In addition, the club includes opportunities for community meetings on focus topics on an ongoing basis. As needs are flagged to the club administration, you will be invited for shorter sessions that exclusively deal with identified topics. These meetings will be held face-to-face as well as virtually. A feature of the topical meetings includes virtual questionnaires/benchmarks to capture details from the members on the topic in question. All fees for the topical meetings are also included in the club membership.

What it costs

The cost of the membership is 1,400 USD / 1,200 EUR per year* for a named individual or 5,000 USD / 4,200 EUR per year* for an organizational membership**

* A year is considered as 12 consecutive months from entry into the membership.

** The organizational membership allows for up to three members attending the meetings in person, and up to 10 HALO users. Need more? - ask us!

Evaluation and signup

The club is open and we are ready to receive your request for membership. The HALO access will be provisioned to members by the end of June 2019, hence your membership will be considered a non-binding, free evaluation until 01 July 2019.

See the list of planned event in the club on the Insife Event overview

Sign-up for your non-binding, free evaluation membership by sending us an email here

Insife is reserving rights for approving or denying memberships without further explanation. Insife will never sell or pass on personal information, see Insife's Data Privacy Policy in the footer of this page.


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