The Global Regulatory Intelligence Club for Pharmacovigilance

Need a better way to do regulatory intelligence for your pharmacovigilance (drug safety) operations?​

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The Global Regulatory Intelligence Club for Pharmacovigilance is a unique offering, consisting of a comprehensive collection of global requirements that have been collected and analyzed by our pharmacovigilance experts - we "crowd-source" the truth by having the members of the club provide their view-points. Then it is also a networking opportunity, specifically for Pharmacovigilance professionals that are involved in the value-chain of identifying, assessing and implementing requirements.

Subscription to the club is easy. And will jolt you forward

We have done our best to make it easy. Subscribers receive:

  1. An access to all our requirements in a HALOPV environment, where they can be easily sorted/filtered and listed

  2. If your company already has HALOPV, we will load in new requirements into your instance

  3. A complimentary subscription to  the monthly SafetyObserver magazine that we partner with (they are one of the conte

What does a subscription cost?

Contact us for pricing of this offering.


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The club is open and we are ready to receive your request for membership. 

See the list of planned event in the club on the Insife Event overview

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Feature highlights

Workflows and process orchestration

Workflow driven process support for global activities across pharma HQs, affiliates, partners, CROs and National Agencies

Built around a powerful workflow engine that will allow for the review, approval and management of any PV process and that can have automator steps perform parts of your process

Mobile friendly

Built on modern web UI, HALOPV is ready to travel with you.


Ready to access in the cloud. That means faster time to spin up environments, better security and lower TCO. And also scales from small to the largest needs

Integrate it 

Powerful data loader from Excel and modern API for integration. Highly integratable, and comes with pre-built integrations for other safety systems such as Argus Safety and ArisG, as well as other systems such as ERP, CMS - and is out of the box working seamlessly with Azure Office 365/Onedrive 

Also, you can edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents etc. directly from HALOPV records in workflow and add multiple reviewers.

AWS S3 is available for data storage and file integration

Notifications and reminders

Configurable email notifications, including reminders and escalation and indication of open tasks

Built for automation

Ready to seamlessly incorporate rules based processing, managing unstructured sources with natural language processing (NLP)  as well as adding machine learning/AI  into your processes

Compliance in the box

Built-in compliance monitoring and management, including CAPAs

Un-paralleled data access control

A user access model that allows for determining which organizational entities and roles that will get access to a record – great for global operations and where partners and affiliates have a part to play

Extremely configurable

Easy and flexible to setup for your organization’s needs. In fact, it is the same HALOPV software that runs in some of the largest pharma companies and regulatory agencies as it is in the small biotech with only a few employees. Because it is configurable to the extreme.

Want to know more, get a demo or take it for a test drive?

We are ready to provide your with further information, and can setup a demo for you, where we take you through a guided tour of the application. If you would like to take it a step further, we also have test environments for you to explore in detail. 

Write to - we are looking forward to helping your organization!