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The most advanced and comprehensive drug safety system for large pharma and regulators

HALOPV Enterprise

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Dedicated Cloud

Single-tenant cloud infrastructure that is isolated and available just for your organization

Promotes flexibility and performance.

Well-suited for high volumes and resource-intensive workloads.

Server Capacity Management

Server capacity planning, monitoring and alerting on server resources, such as memory, CPU, disk, and network.

Flexible server capacity to increase or decrease based on demand.

Results in improved performance, increased productivity, enhanced user experience, ability to quickly and easily expand and scale, saved expense on unnecessary hardware.

Advanced AI

Add automators to any workflow task – all configurable from HALOPV UI.

Auto-process up to 20,000 cases per day … that’s over 7 million cases per year!

Source document extraction and redaction.

Configure your SAE structured forms for ultimate accuracy and data extraction.

Integrate existing AI and systems for a seamless PV solution.

Expanded Configuration Capability

The core principle of HALOPV Enterprise is to provide a configurable system that can be maintained by the users or administration staff, providing flexibility, transparency and control.

All modules in HALOPV are highly configurable, via the User Interface.

All process workflows are maintained via the application management

module - this includes all workflows relating to ICSRs, devices, submissions, PSMF, PVAs, etc.

Many more configuration options are available in HALOPV Enterprise allowing you to adjust and expand processes where necessary to align with your business commitments.

24x7 Support

Expanded 24-hour support, 7 days a week is available for HALOPV Enterprise customers.

Enable your global business and IT teams to operate at peak efficiency and productivity with our dedicated support team available around the clock.

Dedicated Account Team

Experience excellent customer care with a dedicated account team including an account manager for day-to-day engagement and an account owner for more strategic discussions.

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PROHALO bacground.jpg

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