Products Module


About the module

  • Manage products based on families, products and market licenses. Capture information such as substances,  NDA codes, IBD etc.

  • Map products according to IDMP structures, i.e. setup Medicinal Product, Pharmaceutical Product, Device, Ingredients, Substances etc.

  • Create Product index and associated synonyms to allow for coding and linking reported names to actual products 

  • Option to use as a standalone tool, or can also be integrated to e.g. RIMS (Regulatory Information Management System) or safety database

  • Links to all other modules, in order to provide product information

  • Link to PSMF module, to populate Annex H

  • Maintains an audit trail for all changes and updates

  • Is GxP validated* and ready to use in the cloud

*Validation package provided with documented proof of execution of test cases according to Insife’s standard process configuration. Additional validation activities may be needed to satisfy needs for your organization.

Further details

HALOPV Products module is designed to help users with managing medicinal products as well as device products. It is part of the "base" modules that are always provided for our customers in any HALOPV deployment

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