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Release information about major and minor versions of HALOPV

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Major upgrades. Every six months.

HALOPV is released every six months with a major upgrade. Minor releases (patches) are published ongoingly

Next release planned

The next release planned by the Insife Product Management team is 5.1. It is expected to be released April 2024. 

Please refer to the below section for latest released version.

Use gudes

Version 5 code line


The latest major version was released on 08-DEC-2023

Version 4 code line


Version was released on 18-MAR-2023


Version was released on 30-NOV-2022


Version was released on 30-AUG-2022


Version was released on 01-JUN-2022


The latest major version was released on 27-APR-2022

Version 3 code line


The latest major version  on 3.x code line was released on 30-OCT-2021

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