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Insife Annual Online Event

Innovation in Case Intake


Geo N Pajovich

Vice President, Head of Product Safety Surveillance & Reporting Worldwide Safety, Pfizer

Samuel Wallis

Senior Director and Head of Case Management within the World Wide Patient Safety organization at Bristol Myers Squibb

James Whitehead.jpg

James Whitehead

Senior Director at AstraZeneca

Arvind Bellur

Executive Director- Head of PV Innovation and Transformation, CSL Behring

Arvind Bellur, csl behring.jpg

Martin Holm-Petersen

CEO Insife

The online event delved into topics of innovation in case intake, exploring the different approaches to technology, featuring insights from industry experts, and examining the integration of AI within intake processes and the diverse approaches to tackling this challenge. Participants were invited to join and connect with industry leaders to elevate their expertise in pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, biotech, and clinical safety.

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