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Insife cloud is the home of pharmacovigilance (drug safety) technology innovation for pharma-covigilance

We deliver the new standards for Pharmacovigilance (drug safety) technology

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Drug Safety Intelligence

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Integrations to Power BI etc.

We understand the importance

Pharmacovigilance (PV) / Drug Safety is important and the PV technology that you want to utilize to support your business needs to be reliable, secure and compliant. At the same time, many companies that are used to operating PV systems have realized that it can be extremely costly and time consuming. Maintaining a stack of tools from different vendors and potentially building integrations between them makes it hard to strike the balance between technology costs and business productivity.

We created this offering  to solve this equation, to help PV organizations get updated PV systems with the integrations and automations that you can expect to conduct effective operations. We made it easy to implement and maintain. And with our growing amount of tools and services that we offer, we think this will be the place you will source technology innovations for the future too.


The insife cloud for pharmacovigilance is based on best-of-breed technology - deployed in an industry standard way, and with annual upgrades included, to get maximum benefits at minimum costs / time.


Tools and data needs to be well catered for in our industry. Inspectorate scrutiny goes towards both organization, business processes and technology.

We take this very seriously and constantly work towards providing the optimal risk-protection, while still being fast on our feet to provide you with system upgrades every year. 

Collaborate, not compete

Traditionally, system/tool providers compete to have similar technologies offered with different logos on. Instead, we have taken the approach to select a number of different vendors and made them work together, to not waste a lot of effort - rather, setting up an ecosystem of good practice and interoperability, we think you will benefit multifold from your investments. It should be easy to work with your providers. The insife cloud has some ground rules on contracting/procurement  speed of deployment, while also not committing you longer than absolutely necessary to a tool. It is really a simpler way.

List of current for pharmacovigilance products


HALO PV is an innovative solution to manage PV processes across the global span of operations. Enables effective handling of any type of PV data, from ICSRs to PV agreements, Regulatory intelligence and reporting rules, follow-ups and tracking submissions, PSPs/MRPs and social media scanning, risk management as well as CAPA tracking. Includes a number of dashboards to maintain oversight of processes. Also includes a number of integrations and automations as standard, including integrations to Argus, ARISg, OneDrive / Sharepoint, Power BI, Axway and AWS services such as S3, QuickSight, Translate, Comprehend etc.

Argus Safety hosted in the Insife cloud is the most cost effective way to get the industry standard platform

Argus Safety is the the worlds most used safety database from Oracle, with more than 20 years in the market and over 400 clients worldwide. Insife offers Argus safety in a Basic, Standard and PV Suite (with HALOPV included) setup in the Insife cloud environment for top performance at a very low price point. Axway is an optional part of the suite, for gateway E2b submissions to Authorities and partners. Argus integrates with HALOPV for regulatory compliance tracking, aggregate reporting and advanced workflow management


Axway's B2Bi is the foremost AS2 gateway technology for Drug safety. offers a solution for HALOPV, Argus or any other safety technology that need to send and receive E2B and acks via gateway.

Need something more? Let us know, we will then work on getting that into the too.

Want to know more, get a demo or take it for a test drive?

We would love to tell you more and answer any questions you have, take you through a demo or let you test the system so you can explore yourself. Just email


We look forward to working with you.

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