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Michelle Romero Nørregaard

Senior Product Consultant

Michelle is based in Denmark, working at Insife since 2020. Michelle sees a growing interest in new innovative technologies supporting better health care, patient safety and much more efficient business operations. And she speaks from experience; as a Senior Product Consultant at Insife but also from her prior work and education in both Denmark, Portugal and her native country Ecuador.

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Meet the Expert

Michelle Romero Nørregaard, Senior Product Consultant, Insife

Elevating the Management of Health Care

Michelle started at Insife as Business Analyst in 2020, reflecting her Master's degree in Business Administration and Innovation in Health Care from Copenhagen Business School and her prior work and education. Her experience extends over a collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen on a project called "Early Identification of Dementia" conducted in the Copenhagen area. She helped to identify potential technologies and tools to support department strategies.


Later, she took an internship in connection with her education at the University of Lisbon in Advanced Quantitative Tools for Health Care Innovation. She worked for an IT company identifying barriers to electronic health record (EHR) adoption at Hospital Santa Maria (Lisbon) and developed a strategic planning model to improve business processes and performance management.


Before starting at Insife, Michelle worked as a Project Coordinator at the Department of Infectious Diseases - at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) conducting an evaluation of Home vs. Hospital IV Antibiotic Treatment. Michelle used process automation, evaluation and analysis of the implementation of processes and health information technologies to support operational effectiveness.

Fast Track to the Back-End

Michelle’s focus on business operations and management gradually expanded with more attention to the technical aspects. When she joined Insife, this was accelerated:

"To deliver the best capabilities of our system and support to our clients, I knew I had to develop my technical skills further to have an active, hands-on approach to what needs to be done." Michelle says.


Then Michelle was on a fast track, gaining the skills to work and support back- and front-end of HALOPV system and assisting the in-house Product Development team in delivering solutions to clients.  

In 2021 she was promoted to the position of Senior Product Consultant.


 "The role of Senior Product Consultant at Insife is a high-pulse and dynamic position. My responsibilities evolve as I gain more experience. The role combines my insights into organizational processes and management and allows me to develop my technical expertise further - which I am highly drawn to. I can collaborate and be deeply involved in the entire process, from assessing the needs and requirements to tailoring the solution, system configuration, implementation, ongoing refinement, and further development.”

The call for automation and AI

Due to her close involvement with clients, Michelle has identified a growing demand for the acceleration of implementing new digital tools to achieve more automation and facilitation of PV operations:

“There is a growing realization that digitalization and business automation are needed to optimize end-to-end business processes. Operational effectiveness is a competitive parameter and manual handling of PV activities is inefficient and prone to human error. The benefits that automation brings to the table, in terms of compliance and market demands, are tangible", Michelle explains and adds:


"One recurrent topic in the PV Industry is the increasing interest in using AI and ML for data processing and data handling. Especially AI is in high demand: Companies are curious as to how NLP can be implemented and how it can be used to accelerate and manage their PV processes in terms of efficiency and accuracy."


For more details about Michelle Romero Nørregaard, her experience and education see her LinkedIn profile

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