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HALOPV 2.2 released soon

It's only a couple of months away! HALOPV 2.2 (May release) will be a significant release on our roadmap and include:
- Simplified UI with fewer clicks, Widget-style front page components, Improved use of AI Translation and NLP
- Multiple export new formats: E2B(R2), E2B(R3), FDA Combination products, EU MIR
- API enhanced to include more data points and now prepared to run for both Argus Safety and ArisG.
- Reconciliation data loading from Excel sheets
- New forms and fields to manage EU MIR and E2B data
- Aggregate reporting enhanced with line listings for PSUR, DSUR, devices, combination products
- Bug fixes
Detailed release notes will be available in April.

HALOPV 2.2 released soon
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