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Insife CEO will present at DIA CSP

DIA CSP's April community meeting is on the 15th: *Artificial Intelligence applied for ICSR processing – how far are we?* Thank you in advance to Martin Holm-Petersen for agreeing to present. Details and registration link below...
Based on recent work in a public-private partnership to develop an affordable API solution for AI processing of ICSRs, this session will focus on how far we have come in the pursuit of achieving touchless safety case processing. In specific, we will be discussing natural language processing and methods for automating case assessments, including some of the limitations that remain. Furthermore, we will discuss how data can be integrated into the processing flow of potential duplicates, triaging, and tackling thresholds when human intervention is needed. Finally, we will consider the potential future for pharmacovigilance, on how best to get value from AI-based automation.

#ai #artificialintelligence #pharmacovigilance #machinelearning

Insife CEO will present at DIA CSP
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