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HALOPV Module: Literature Monitoring


Check out the key features of the HALOPV Literature Monitoring module.
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Hello Cambridge!


Insife has now opened an affiliate in the United Kingdom, placed in Cambridge. We are looking forward to support UK-based organizations with drug safety (pharmacovigilance) technology and consulting needs.

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AI Data Analyzer will be ready in May 2021


AI Data Analyzer contains a natural language processing engine that is capable of structuring unstructured information.
The platform is progressing and will be coming out for general use in May 2021. #ai #machinelearning #insife

What does Insife mean?


Insife. What does the name actually mean? Well, it is short for "Innovation. Insights. Solutions. For Life Sciences."
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New Senior Managing Consultant


We are excited to have Line Rasmussen join Insife. As of 01-MAR-2021, Line will be responsible for a number of our Scandinavian accounts as well as manage projects. #linerasmussen #insife #drugsafety #denmark

Bringing PSMF management to a new level

28-jan- 2021

Bringing PSMF management to a new level. Contact us at or

Comprehensive Offering of Consulting and Technology Services


If you are working within the field of Pharmacovigilance, you know how challenging it can be to drive changes. If you are looking to reshape your Pharmacovigilance experience, we are the global experts, across consulting and technology services. contact us on: or read more on



HALOPV is ideal for effectively submitting ICSRs and periodic listings to agencies, partners, investigators and ethics committees. Go to to read more. #drugsafety #pharmacovigilance #halopv #insife

New Associate Director and Project Leader


We are excited to have Søren Nørregaard Laursen join Insife. As of 01-JAN-2021, Søren will be joining the EMEA management team and be a key contributor to the consulting practice in Denmark. #sorenlaursen #insife #drugsafety #denmark

New Principal Consultant and Managing Director


We are excited to have Dr. Marc Zittartz join Insife on 01-JAN-2021. With more than 15 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry, Marc strengthens our consulting practice for innovative drug safety solutions. Marc is also heading up the newly formed Insife Germany, joining our EMEA management team.
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HALOPV - the best of the best


No other solution is able to manage and automate the PSMF (Pharmacovigilance System Master File) like HALOPV. Write to for a demo or read more on It's pharmacovigilance made smarter!
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Insife Germany is a reality


Insife Germany GmbH is now a reality. We are basing our German offices in Cologne. With this, we are able to better provide services for the central European drug safety / pharmacovigilance customers. #insife #germany #drugsafety #pharmacovigilance #halopv #argus

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays from Insife

HALOPV is evolving


HALOPV is evolving. The latest version (2.3) is capable of effectively managing drug safety processes for a national agency. No other tool on the market offers the features and flexibility that allows for infinite workflows across ICSRs, compliants, counterfeits, risk management, quality investigations, aggregate report creation etc. E2B(R3), E2B(R2), device reporting support included.
That's Pharmacovigilance made smarter. Read more:
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HALOPV 2.3 is released!


After months in the making, we are now releasing HALOPV 2.3. The most comprehensive system for managing pharmacovigilance just got better, with a number of new features, including a full scheduling engine for R2, R3 and CIOMS generation and submission. And device and combination product reporting. Read more: #halopv #drugsafety #pharmacovigilance #e2b #argus #arisg

GRIP: Medical Device and Combination Product Safety


We are hosting our next GRIP event on 08-DEC-2020, from 15:00-17:00 CET / 09:00-11:00 ET. Medical device and combination product safety is moving fast and will in 2021 become a major concern across Europe, US And Japan. Join the meeting to learn more and discuss with peers: #drugsafety #grip #insife #medicaldevice

We are ready for Brexit


We always thought the PSMF should be managed with global stakeholders in mind. Brexit requirements (see is a good example why it makes sense to take a solution and data-driven approach to PSMF management. The best solution out there is called HALOPV 2.3.
#psmf #drugsafety #insife #halopv #brexit

Nordic PV day 2020


Can artificial intelligence change our fundamental approach to signal detection - and how far is it today?
Those key questions will be the center of Insife CEO Martin Holm-Petersen's presentation at the virtual Nordic PV Day on 28 October 2020. For details about the event, click here:
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Pharmacovigilance made smarter


Pharmacovigilance mader smarter. That's the essense of HALOPV.
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HALOPV - The great tool


Imagine a tool that automatically captures all out-bound submissions from your safety database (Argus and ArisG supported), identifies local submissions and distributes to partners and affiliates via secure links. Also, identifies late submissions and automatically prompts the local party for reasons. And of course documents it all in a GxP environment. Finally, allows for flexible reporting and dashboards to monitor, investigate and control per territory, reporting destination or partner, or even automatically generates the PSMF Annex F. All on the fly, of course.
That tool is called HALOPV. Version 2.3 is available November 2020.
#insife #halopv #icsr #compliance

Now public-private funded


Handling adverse event reporting has not been fundamentally changed in the last 20 years. The AI Data Analyzer initiative offers a solid way of building automation, based on big data. This way, we are combining strengths in numbers, and adding this into the concept of single ICSRs.

HALOPV 2.3 ready Autumn 2020


HALOPV 2.3 is almost ready and will be released in the Autumn. It is an exciting release including new ArisG E2b(R3)+ interface in addition to the existing Argus interface, Onedrive / Sharepoint and ESG (gateway) integration and plenty of new screens and controls. As an example, the Submission overview is an excellent way of keeping track of all outbound activities across ICSRs and aggregate reports. #halopv #pharmacovigilance #insife #automationsolutions

Presenting the AI Data Analyzer


We are diving into the aspirational use of technology for pharmacovigilance with a new project - working title "AI Data Analyzer". With our deep knowledge from PV processes and technology, the aim is to to implement rock solid methods for big data analytics in combination with artificial intelligence. Goal: to be able to do things better and more automated than ever before. Follow us if you are interested - we will be posting frequently on the progress.
#insife #halopv #artificialintelligence #bigdataanalytics

The biggest European based Pharmacovigilance technology


Just after celebrating our three year Birthday, we are also proud to add that we have grown to become the biggest European based Pharmacovigilance technology company around, measured on number of staff. Thanks everyone for trusting us to deliver consulting and technology - and we are looking forward to continue the collaboraion going forward!

New features for HALOPV 2.2.6


Take your management of the PSMF or other pharmacovigilance processes to the next level with HALOPV 2.2.6 that now features Office 365 Onedrive / Sharepoint integration. Synchronize files - for example when you need to involve integrate with existing libraries, or have multiple simultanous reviewers of a document in workflow. Pull in documents from Onedrive / Sharepoint and control them in HALOPV for pdf generation, merging, revisioning or other automation. #pharmacovigilance #office365 #halopv

Local PV submission requirements for Korea and China


Are you also struggling with the new South Korea requirements for ICSR R3 reporting? Or is China ICSR R3 reporting proving to be an issue in your organization? We have solved it by integrating HALOPV to the existing safety database. From there, your affiliates can be involved directly in the process - and your can even use built-in AI based translation engine to help moving information across global-local entities. . #halopv #insife #e2br3 #pharmacovigilance

GRIP: Signal and Risk Management


If you want to explore how technology can improve your Safety Risk Management then join our free Webinar on Signal and Risk Management with HALOPV.
#HALOPV #pharmacovigilance #Insife #technology

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New Vice President and Senior Management Team member


Praveen Gupta has joined Insife as Vice President and Senior Management Team member. With 20 years in the IT industry, he has helped top pharma clients in transforming their businesses for better operational efficiency by leveraging technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence.

Insife India!


We are hiring! Join our amazing team in India. We are currently looking for a QA Manager and an Information Security Manager for newly established positions. Read more on

Insife has turned 3!


Insife is turning three ! We are proud to have made a significant contribution to the world of Pharmacovigilance already, in our first 36 months of existence. Across our HALOPV, Argus Safety SaaS and consulting offerings, we are now helping several top 10 pharma companies and a significant number of small and mid-size pharma companies too.

HALOPV - Pharmacovigilance made smarter


We're not just talking about it - HALOPV is making the life easier in drug safety (pharmacovigilance) departments, with reported time savings of up to 75%. Pharmacovigilance made smarter means less time on tedious, manual tasks, by more automation. And more time on data quality and decision-making. Learn why many pharma and biotech companies from big to small are choosing HALOPV on #halopv #drugsafety #pharmacovigilance #automation #insife

Insife Webinar: Submission Management with HALOPV


Join our webinar on Submission Management with HALOPV. Learn how you can get rid of manual excel sheets when consolidating and reconciling the ICSR submissions from affiliates and partners. #HALOPV #pharmacovigilance
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HALOPV 2.2 released soon


It's only a couple of months away! HALOPV 2.2 (May release) will be a significant release on our roadmap and include:
- Simplified UI with fewer clicks, Widget-style front page components, Improved use of AI Translation and NLP
- Multiple export new formats: E2B(R2), E2B(R3), FDA Combination products, EU MIR
- API enhanced to include more data points and now prepared to run for both Argus Safety and ArisG.

Navigating in a Complex Global World


We have a 2-page article in the Greater Copenhagen Life Science Magazine that was just published today. It's all about how HALOPV can help life-science organizations manage their global Pharmacovigilance efforts with compliance and efficiency gains. Read the article here:
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ISO 9001:2015 certification


ISO 9001:2015 certification inspection was completed today at Insife's office in Copenhagen, we are now waiting for the official certificate to be issued. It has been a great journey to build a QMS from ground up and get it implemented / operationalized in our growing organization. We are proud to be focused on quality and doing things in the right way! #iso9001 #quality #qms

Automating EU MIR


The EU MIR has been mandatory since 01JAN 2020. We are now using HALOPV and it's powerful integration capability to deliver a solution. HALOPV allows you to take data from a safety database such as Argus Safety, add additional HALO integrators or forms to e.g. capture manufacturing and regulatory registration data, and to transform it into reports. Each task is automatically distributed to the stakeholders in the organization that are actually knowledgable about the specific data.
That's how we automate the generation of the EU MIR. The HALO way!

HALOPV 2.1.1


26-JAN-2020: HALOPV release 2.1.1 is out! 13 new / changed functionalities and 5 bug fixes included. Read more on

Argus Safety


At Insife, we have invested in building the most scalable, standardized and affordable deployment of Argus Safety on the market. We are Oracle Gold Partners. Read more:
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