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Meet the Expert- Jen Markey, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Insife

Jen has 25+ years of industry, consulting and software development experience in the Pharmaceutical & Financial Pricing industries. The last 23 years of her career have been focused on Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance and she has worked with many of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world, including leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.


She also spent many years working as a management consultant where she focused on helping a wide range of clients establish, improve and streamline their safety processes and technology solutions.

In April 2022 Jen Markey assumed the position of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Insife, based in the UK. With her extensive experience from working with leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide, combined with in-dept knowledge and skills covering both the technical and business-related aspects of PV, she is a most welcome addition to our global team.


According to Jen, IT has always been a focal point for her:

“I’ve had a keen interest in computers since I was a young girl. The logic and problem-solving aspects appealed to me and I found I had a natural aptitude for it. To me it was a natural next step to study computer science and graduate with a B.Sc. in Computer Applications from Dublin City University”.


However, PV almost became her area of expertise by accident:“Originally my focus was developing technology solutions for financial institutions, but when a former colleague convinced me to join him at a leading pharmaceutical company, PV was introduced to me as a very interesting area, with a significant need for digital solutions to optimize case handling and the processing of documentation, reports, and analysis”.


Jen explains that the long-time under-prioritization of advanced technology solutions for PV, and the realization that PV has significant impact and integration points with many other parts of the pharmaceutical lifecycle, meant that she had to broaden her scope of understanding, and that became a decisive factor for her further career path:

“I had to get a better understanding of the entire drug development lifecycle and how PV factored into the different stages, from research and drug discovery through to clinical trials, marketing authorization and post marketing surveillance. Understanding the business and the lifecycle helped me emerge into the role as a liaison, interpreting the needs and demands of the different stakeholders within the organization and helping them adopt the best technology solutions to enhance their business capabilities”.


About joining Insife Jen emphasises that it is more than just a job:

“In my view it is almost impossible to over-estimate the significance of PV as it impacts every single person who has ever taken an over the counter or prescription medication. PV is a heavily regulated and complex area of the pharmaceutical industry and there is a drastic need to provide the industry with the right technology solutions to enable them to reduce the manual overhead and focus their efforts on what’s importance – ensuring that the medications we take are well understood and are as safe as possible. Insife works to tackle this challenge head-on, with an uncompromising ambition of solving some of the most complicated root problems and making the technology available on a much broader scale. By joining Insife I hope to be able to support this mission, ultimately making the whole process a well-orchestrated, optimized and aligned operation driven by proactive insights, security, transparency and compliance”.


Before joining Insife Jen Markey worked at Veeva Systems, Janssen R&D, Deloitte, and Pfizer.


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