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Meet the Expert- Leena Kathpalia, MD of Insife India and VP of Global Service Centre

With over 16 years of experience working in pharmacovigilance, Leena brings extensive experience to her new role as MD of Insife India. For the past 10 years, Leena played a central role in building her previous organisation from scratch, which currently employs more than 500 employees. She managed all areas of the business from set up and recruitment, employee engagement and retention, finance and client relationships. Leena joined Insife in April 2023 and we are delighted to have her as part of the senior management team. We look forward to seeing how she can develop Insife India both locally and internationally, while scaling up the team to achieve industry-beating growth for Insife.  

What drew Leena to Insife?

Leena was looking for a new challenge and when she discussed the role with Martin, she felt that he was running Insife using the same principles as she liked to work by. Key to this is the development of a team, which is really important to her:

‘The closeness of everyone in an organisation is very important to me. When we all work together to try and achieve our goals, then nothing is impossible.’

Her trust in Martin and Insife’s product, along with his management principles felt like a perfect fit and so Leena joined the Insife team.

Leena’s priority during her initial period with Insife

At the time of writing, Leena has only been with the company for under two months but she is keen to recruit more staff as a first priority. With an excellent track record in team building, Leena is keen to start this recruitment drive straight away so she can build the India team to where it needs to be to work competitively.  However, that doesn’t mean she’ll be overlooking the current staff members. Getting to know her team is a very important part her management style, which could be described as nurturing. She is passionate about looking after them and feels that interpersonal relationships and trust are very important when building and growing a company.

‘A company is nothing without the people in it and regardless of the company I work for, I always try to be there for them, with guidance and support, both professionally and personally.’

As well as building her team, Leena is keen to bring not only her PV experience and expertise, but her large network of contacts to Insife and is excited to play a pivotal role in Insife’s growth.

‘There’s big competition in the market place, but our product is very strong and has features that others do not have. So, we can definitely grow our market share and I’m really looking forward to being part of that.’

We welcome Leena and look forward to working together.


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