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Meet the Expert- Praveen Gupta: Pioneering Technological Innovations in Pharmacovigilance

Praveen Gupta is the Vice President, Head of Global R&D (Products & Consulting) team at Insife. His passion for technology is helping lead the company’s product development for its groundbreaking PV solution, HALOPV. 

His unwavering fascination with technology has been the driving force behind his successful career. With over 23 years of experience, Praveen's journey started in the realm of Information Technology, where he honed his expertise in data solutions (data warehousing, business intelligence, data engineering and data science) across diverse industries.

Taking IT expertise into Pharmacovigilance

In 2012, a pivotal moment in his career led Praveen to embark on a transformative path in the pharmaceutical sector when he joined Foresight, a division of IQVIA. Tasked with product development and the establishment of a reporting and analytics consulting practice, Praveen wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to build a team, a process that he still thrives on. His endeavours at Foresight, followed by a prominent role at Genpact, allowed him to combine his passion for direct client consultation with the art of translating insights into innovative product developments, meticulously overseeing their entire lifecycle.

“I really enjoy formulating solutions that can solve my client’s most complex business problems in the most efficient way.” 

Bringing his AI and ML experience to Insife

As the years progressed, Praveen's proclivity for PV artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based platforms intensified.  He leveraged his past AI and ML experience from HR and retail analytics roles at AON Hewitt and Dunnhumby respectively. Demonstrating a proficiency in developing and expanding these cutting-edge platforms, he joined Insife in 2020, assuming leadership of the digital R&D team. Under his guidance, this global team diligently ideated and crafted novel product features that now form the bedrock of the Insife PV platforms.

Praveen's contribution to Insife is not constrained to his technological expertise, as he also couples his business acumen with a deep understanding of pharmaceutical enterprises. His close consultations with pharmaceutical companies ensure a tailored alignment of solutions with their specific requirements, while striving to enhance Insife's PV solution's flexibility and scalability. Leveraging AI and ML solutions, Praveen endeavours to automate processes for speed and efficiency, presenting clients with a truly unparalleled experience.

Praveen has devoted time to assemble his team, handpicking the finest talent to join the ranks of Insife. This team is very important to him and, together, they consistently explore advancements from diverse industries, analysing technological breakthroughs and their potential applications within pharmacovigilance (PV). Praveen's hands-on management approach serves as a linchpin to this process, making sure that the environment fosters creativity, ideation and the uninhibited exchange of thoughts and suggestions among all team members.

PROHALO – the game-changing PV solution

Currently, Praveen is spearheading the global development of Insife's groundbreaking PV solution, PROHALO. He envisions PROHALO as a transformative solution that can accommodate pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. The modular subscription model promises to lower entry barriers significantly for low to medium sized organizations, unlocking the door for these enterprises to embrace the latest technological advancements and compete at par with industry leaders.

PROHALO, which is a subscription based self-serviced version of HALOPV, promises to democratize the latest and greatest in PV Tech. Simply put, Praveen believes that PROHALO will offer small and medium pharmas the opportunity to adopt the latest advancements and not continue to be left behind.

“It's all about democratizing the advancements in technology for the larger mass.”

Consulting is still a key part of Praveen’s role

While Praveen continues to be the guiding force behind Insife's remarkable advancements, his role as a seasoned consultant remains. Collaborating with clients worldwide, he envisions pioneering projects that may eventually find their way into Insife's future solutions. An ongoing venture involves collaborating with a large prominent pharmaceutical firm on a full-scale PV implementation, namely niche PV intake features, such as AI-driven extraction of case data from unstructured text and structured documents of all shape and sizes, be it in the form of emails, scanned images, call centre forms or even handwritten notes.

The future of AI and ML automation

Undoubtedly, the life science industry has faced unprecedented challenges post-Covid, with patients' awareness demanding greater transparency in drug information and clinical trials. Praveen firmly believes that the industry must embrace AI and ML automation to disseminate crucial information promptly and effectively. While progress has been commendable, he perceives a vast landscape of untapped potential that lies ahead, propelling the industry forward into a realm of unprecedented efficiency and patient satisfaction.

In essence, Praveen Gupta stands at the forefront of an evolving era in pharmaceutical innovation. His vision for PROHALO and HALOPV and the transformative influence of AI and ML automation, promises to redefine the industry landscape, igniting an era of unparalleled progress and patient-centric care. The stage is set for the pharmaceutical industry to seize the reins of its destiny and embrace a future brightened by the power of technology.


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