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Meet the experts – Anne Kræmmer

LINK Medical Safety Director Anne Kræmmer has had a fascinating career working both in big pharma and in consultancy. However, it’s with her current role at LINK that she feels that at last she’s found the right balance to satisfy both her pharmacist background with her love for project management and seeing projects come to a successful fruition.

Anne’s professional journey to LINK Medical

Anne always wanted to be a pharmacist and graduated in 2006. However, a work placement at a big pharma company made her follow that professional path, as she was stimulated by the career options available in large companies. She grew her experience in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and safety. In 2009, she transitioned to working in consulting and developed a love for working as a project manager. She thrives on processes and loves to work with different clients, finding solutions for each one’s particular needs and issues. Her experience grew and she became Qualified Person for both pharmacogvigilance (PV) and quality assurance.

In 2013 Anne started working for LINK Medical for the first time. She started as a Regulatory Manager and built up the department so that by the time she left, seven years later, she was the Director of Regulatory Affairs and Safety and had a team of 13 staff. Although a clearly successful time for Anne, her professional dichotomy became apparent to her:

‘I realised that I’d become more of a people manager, rather than actually doing the hands-on job that I loved.’

So, she moved to Pfizer to become their Qualified Person/Responsible Person (QP/RP) and worked on the launch of their covid vaccine. Though a hugely important time to be working at the company, she still missed the consultant role, working with different clients, learning about their needs, and finding solutions for them. Then an opportunity arose back at LINK and it’s this current role that Anne thinks that, at long last, she might have found that perfect balance.

LINK Medical and HALOPV

A perfect example of this, is the project working with Insife and their flagship solution HALOPV. This has been a great project to work on for herself and her team.

‘I have the constant interaction with my team and with management. But I can develop HALOPV with Insife in the way we need it to work for both us and all our clients. This is a great feeling and we’re happy with how it’s working.’

When she returned to LINK, the company had already integrated HALOPV, but she didn’t realise that it would be such a tight and close collaboration.

‘It’s very Danish!’ she says, ‘We can be very open and honest, and the working relationship is excellent. This means both LINK and Insife can develop together.’

Anne feels that the success of the collaboration is that HALOPV is so scalable. As a CRO with clients of all sizes across Northern Europe, LINK needs a solution that can look after every type of customer and is able to offer exactly what they need. She has worked closely with the Insife team in finding the perfect, bespoke solutions for their clients, big and small.

‘We don’t want to sell a Rolls Royce to a company who needs a basic runaround car to get them from A to B.’

Anne admits that she didn’t always believe in an automated safety database as a concept for small and medium companies. She believed that there was too much work to run it for all the varying clients she might work with. The close working relationship and solutions made together with Insife and HALOPV has thankfully changed her mind. LINK Medical is now ready with a HALOPV safety database and together with a mix of the safety consultants from her department, the clients have now access to a new way of looking at their safety data.

What’s to come in the future?

As a process driven individual, Anne is now a firm believer that automating processes is the answer to help more clients reach the market.

‘We have to stay up to date and be able to embrace changes. Automation is a perfect tool that will help our clients get leaner processes and will save time and money when developing and launching products for the market. I’m proud to work for a company who agrees with that and wants to keep focus and developing in that direction.’

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