What is PVFilter?

Four steps to simplify your process of EV ICSR handling

PVFilter is a solution that has been developed to help organizations to perform the auto download of R3 XMLs from EVWeb and help them perform triage the R3 XMLs for acceptance into their BFC solution.

PVFilter objective is to improve the case intake efficiency as the effort required to process all the R3 ICSRS directly in a safety system. The use of PVFilter improves the case triage efficiency and allows organization to quickly identify and confirm if the ICSR belongs for one of their products or not. The PVFilter application is not dependent upon any BFC solution and can be integrated with any BFC system or can also be directly integrated with organization Safety system.

The organization can continue to utilize the benefits of PVFilter even after they have upgraded to a R3 compliant safety solution


EMA Downloader utility downloads the R3 ICSR from EVWeb and dropped into Staging folder of PVFilter

PVFilter reads the R3 ICSRs and displays the content of files in a searchable grid format

User to Accept/Reject the ICSRs post review, the accepted files are forwarded to the BFC solution/Safety System and rejected files are archived and can be retrieved later if needed

The accepted files are either transformed to R2 XML by the BFC solution or the R3 files can be directly accessed by the Safety system (if R3 compliant) and shall be accepted in to the safety system

Feature overview

EMA R3 Auto Download

  • Allows auto download of R3 XMLs from EVWeb to a configured location either manually or automatically

R3 Data Extraction

  • Extracts the contents of R3 XML to be displayed in a searchable grid

Pending Screen

  • Display all the non-processed R3 ICSRs downloaded from EVWeb in a searchable grid allowing quick review and acceptance or rejection

Processed Screen

  • Tracking of all ICSRs accepted or rejected by the users with the justification provided

Export Feature

  • Export content of Pending / Processed screen in to excel format for offline review

Duplicate Search**

  • Allow configuration of R3 elements as per customer’s need that can be utilized to perform a duplicate search against either the ESM data or case data. If a match is found a view is generated for user to review the differences

R3 Viewer

  • Allows review of R3 data in a human readable format


Auto Acceptance

  • Query builder that allows configuration to check for specific products and/or additional business rules. The products either can be entered manually or a customization can be performed using backend hooks that can link to customer’s safety Product repository or any product registry. This would allow the PVFilter service to automatically check each ICSR product against the company product repository and identify if there is a match and accept the ICSR for further processing

** Functionality available as part of customization performed during implementation based on customer requirements

PVFilter™ is developed and maintained by Vitrana Inc. Through a partnership between Insife and Vitrana, The partnership combines the proximity and deep understanding of clients and industry with a large selection of market-proven solutions and cost-effective project delivery



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