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HALOPV: One System, Two Ways to Purchase

In October 2023 we decided to trial the market potential of a multi-tenant version of HALOPV that we named PROHALO. The idea was to provide an accessible version of HALOPV for smaller businesses with limited time, resources and budget, which often meant that the larger safety databases were out of their reach. PROHALO offered all PV modules with a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model.  This way companies could own their own safety database, get setup quickly and easily, have access to a variety of tools to help them be compliant with operational and scientific regulations, all at a reasonable and achievable price point.

The PROHALO trial has been so well received in the market we have decided that all its  benefits will become part of HALOPV on a permanent basis and the PROHALO naming convention will no longer be used.

Going forward, HALOPV will be offered primarily as a multi-tenant solution. The same pay-as-you-go subscription pricing will be available and all modules will be accessible so that you can pick the right solution to suit your business needs.

For larger organizations, a single tenant version of HALOPV called HALOPV Enterprise is now also available. Specifically designed for large scale organizations that require a dedicated environment, enhanced processing power and more flexibility in configuration, HALOPV Enterprise provides all the features and capabilities of HALOPV in a dedicated cloud environment, for clients who are particularly innovative or, perhaps, enterprising!

Whichever version of this groundbreaking tool you choose, you can be assured that HALOPV will provide a fully comprehensive, end-to-end PV solution that is flexible enough to meet your needs whether you are on the large or small end of the spectrum or somewhere in between.

To find out more about HALOPV and HALOPV Enterprise, visit us at


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