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At Insife, reducing our carbon footprint is of paramount concern and we are delighted that we offer a 93% lower carbon footprint on (*compared to average enterprise data centers and when utilizing temporary test/val environment).


As a SaaS provider, one of our primary goal is to offer our users an exceptional digital platform, while actively contributing to the optimization of their digital ecosystem. This also applies when it comes to a reduction in their carbon footprint. We recognize that the IT sector plays a significant role in global carbon emissions and we are steadfast in our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality.

River and the lake

To fulfil this commitment, we have made strategic choices. We have aligned with the AWS Cloud and embraced Amazon's Climate Pledge, a call to action for companies to develop innovative solutions for achieving zero carbon emissions. By leveraging the AWS platform, we gain access to their Customer Carbon Footprint Tool, which allows us to calculate and optimize CO2 emissions effectively.


Furthermore, Insife proudly holds ISO 14001:2015 certification, underscoring our dedication to environmentally responsible practices across all our offices. We have partnered with esteemed organizations like SME Climate Hub and Stripe Climate to actively contribute to global efforts in combating climate change.

Business people working in the modern office

Beyond our focus on digital sustainability, we extend our commitment to environmental consciousness by carefully selecting a green energy and heating provider in Denmark. By working together, Insife and our partners strive to create a more sustainable future, where businesses can thrive while minimizing their ecological impact.

Martin Holm-Petersen, CEO Insife says:

‘As a global company, we have to run things in the most responsible way possible and make sure that we can be socially, geographically and ecologically sensible in the way work. With that in mind, we aim to have a zero carbon footprint by 2030.

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