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Insife Annual Online Event - Innovation in Case Intake

The online event, held on April 18th, brought together participants from across various time zones, catering to audiences from Europe to the United States. The agenda was brimming with insightful presentations and engaging discussions, promising deep dives into the realms of technology, AI integration, and the future of case intake.


The event featured an impressive lineup of industry experts, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table:


Geo N Pajovich (Pfizer): Vice President, Head of Product Safety Surveillance & Reporting Worldwide Safety, Pfizer, shared insights on "Automation and AI in Case Management."


Samuel Wallis (Bristol Myers Squibb): Senior Director and Head of Case Management within the World Wide Patient Safety organization at Bristol Myers Squibb, explored "Adverse Event Acquisition and Ingestion."


James Whitehead (AstraZeneca): Senior Director at AstraZeneca, discussed the "Innovation Ecosystem for Patient Safety."


Arvind Bellur (CSL Behring): Executive Director - Head of PV Innovation and Transformation, CSL Behring, shared lessons from a success story on "PV intake automation."


Martin Holm-Petersen (Insife): CEO of Insife, reflected on "Failures that lead to succession, 7 years in case intake."


The session wrapped up with a panel discussion featuring Karthick Sukumaran (Roche), Arvind Bellur, Samuel Wallis, Geo N Pajovich, and Martin Holm-Petersen. The panel answered questions from the audience and delved into industry insights, AI integration, and the future of case intake.



For those who missed this groundbreaking event, fret not! You still have time to access the recordings ... Click here to register and unlock access to the recording of this excellent and informative event.


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