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Insife at the Mayor’s office

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

We’re very pleased to announce that Insife has been recognized with the Gazelle award, which is given to companies that demonstrate remarkable growth and expansion within a short period of time. In just four years, Insife has doubled its revenue and workforce, resulting in positive financial results that have earned us a place among the leading businesses in the region. As a result of this achievement, we were invited to the Mayor of Gladsaxe commune’s* office to accept the award, highlighting our important contribution to the local economy.

The invitation to the Mayor’s office provides Insife with a significant platform to showcase our innovative products and services, share success stories, and establish relationships with other key players in the industry. This opportunity will allow us to expand our reach and establish ourselves as a leader in our field.

At the Mayor’s office, our representatives were Anne Tinggaard and Julie Loeve Hansen, here’s what they had to say:

"As the Mayor presented all the Gazelles, it was an honor to have the opportunity to speak about who Insife is and the work that we do. We took pride in sharing our achievements and contributions to the local economy.

Following our presentation, we gained insight into the efforts made by Gladsaxe Kommune in supporting businesses and the assistance they can provide. It was an informative session that highlighted the value of collaboration and community support.

We enjoyed a delightful selection of refreshments while discussing business insights and industry trends with fellow Gazelle recipients.

Overall, the recognition and celebration of the Gazelle award were truly rewarding and inspiring for us. It was a privilege to be among the outstanding companies and to represent Insife at the event."

The Gazelle award and the invitation to the Mayor's office are a testament to Insife's commitment to excellence and dedication to providing value to our customers. The company remains committed to a journey of continued success, and these honors motivate us to strive for even greater achievements.

* Gladsaxe Kommune is a municipality near Copenhagen in Region Hovedstaden on the island of Zealand in eastern Denmark.


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