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Insife has been awarded with Børsen’s Gazelle 2022

From 3 desks and a shared coffee machine back in 2017 the story of Insife has been that of an exponential curve: Constantly trying to secure the right talent, establish the needed global presence and implement the newest technologies and supporting systems to keep up with the growing demand for digital pharmacovigilance (PV) across both industry and public institutions.

Now the year is 2022 – and we can celebrate our 5 years birthday. But we are far from a toddler, and what better proof that to be awarded with a Gazelle – an award which the leading Danish business and financial newspaper each year award companies who over the course of four financial years each year has had positive growth and overall has at least doubled the turnover.

Founder and CEO in Insife Martin Holm-Petersen comments:

“When I decided to take the vision of establishing a company devoted to both disrupt, develop, and explore the possibilities of using the most innovative and ground-breaking technologies within the field of PV I didn’t dare to dream of a growth like the one Insife has enjoyed. But while I may have had a vision which resonated with a demand in the market, I still owe everything to the people who have shared the vision, supported it and – most importantly – joined us and given us the possibility to explore their unique talents and in-depth knowledge and capabilities to keep us in the league of front-runners. It is a rare privilege to have them onboard”.

Insife is now situated across the Globe, with employees located in India, US, UK, Germany, Croatia and Denmark. Almost 70 currently employed globally, but with more than 20 available positions. 12 in India alone.

Martin Holm-Petersen: “Our goal now is to serve a larger number of regulatory agencies and industry customers in the US and in Europe – essentially to scale to become the preferred option for drug safety technology. I see great potential in Asia, Latin America and Africa as well, these markets demand a more cost compelling offering, which we will aim at providing”

For more information about Insife, our services and product please contact:


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