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Insife launches PROHALO, a game-changing solution with a unique subscription model

This unique subscription model will revolutionize drug safety (pharmacovigilance) for pharma companies big and small.

Global pharmacovigilance (PV) technology and consulting company Insife has announced that a ground-breaking new version of its leading PV solution HALOPV, will be launched this September. PROHALO’s new features will transform the way that companies can manage their PV processes and promises to create a unified ‘Integrated Universe’ that all pharma companies can enjoy, regardless of their size.

PROHALO is a significant development for the company started by Martin Holm-Petersen in 2017. Holm-Petersen founded Insife after many years of industry experience;

Insife was started based on concrete mapping of what the PV departments in the pharma industry really needed, due to all the benchmarking and networking I’d been doing throughout my time in various roles, including my previous experience working in the PV space at big pharma.’ he said.

His experiences had given him a unique position to understand exactly what companies needed to support their drug safety processing and he was keen to build a solution that was smarter, cheaper and more flexible than what was currently available. HALOPV was launched in 2018, first with a couple of modules, later on growing into the world’s first fully comprehensive and cohesive PV solution. Managing all multi-vigilance processes from operational to scientific, HALOPV allowed companies to add on whichever of the 18 modules that they required specifically for their business, creating a bespoke platform for each customer.

However, where HALOPV was developed initially with the top pharma companies in mind, Insife has been considering how the platform could be advanced so that it can be adopted by all companies, big and small, as well as CROs and Health Authorities worldwide. Key attributes had to be easier compliance, simple ways to exchange and share data and making the platform both fully integratable as well as scalable for companies as they grow. Finally, to allow smaller companies and markets to get the opportunity to use this technology, this new solution had to be affordable for all. The answer is PROHALO, the new PV ‘Integrated Universe’, where all companies can start using the platform at entry level for free.

This truly is a revolutionary concept which, as Holm-Petersen is keen to point out, will support the whole industry. All sizes of company will be able to interact, create partnerships and distribution agreements and access global regulatory requirements on one platform, so any compliance issues are removed. For example, a small company in phase 2 trial of eye drops could be part of this market, form distribution agreements and grow without incurring any costs at this stage.

It’s a game-changer because a small company can go in and start straight away, rather than taking several months to acquire an expensive PV system. It will be easy to start, simple to use and includes a full documentation package built it.’

The system’s entry level is free of charge, where companies can interact with each other and access certain information. Then there will be the opportunity to add on modules that are specific to that company’s needs, in the same way that HALOPV operates. What this means is that smaller businesses who have perhaps resorted to manual spreadsheet management previously, can join for free and as their company builds, so too can their PROHALO package.

This totally scalable solution has created a never-before-seen safety subscription model in PROHALO. Companies will be able to sign up online for immediate access and then follow the ‘Pay as You Go’ subscription model starting at no-cost or low-cost. Usage can then be scaled up as and when needed, however standard workflows are provided immediately for quick implementation. And with two releases a year being provided for continuous upgrades and the adding of new features, everything will be kept right up to date.

PROHALO is also going to be the first system ever to have all 155 country’s regulatory requirements integrated in one place. This will make an enormous difference, particularly for smaller companies around the world. With access to the platform, the regulatory requirements and partner information, these companies will be able to overcome compliance issues and develop global partnerships significantly faster than they have been able to before.

The key message from Holm-Petersen is that he believes that PROHALO can become the ‘Integrated Universe’ for the whole PV industry;

No man is an island. This system will unify pharma. It will make it easy to not just operate on your own, but to operate with all the partners that you need across the world, and to do it simply and quickly on an affordable platform for all. That’s PROHALO!’

HALOPV will remain the company’s flagship brand for servicing “enterprise” customers that need dedicated infrastructure.


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