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Meet the Expert- Anne Tinggaard, Head of Projects & Customer Experience

As the Senior Executive responsible for all of Insife’s clients, whether those in early project phase or those with a live system, Anne Tinggaard has a busy and fascinating role. She is a part of the Executive Management team and sees herself as a helicopter, overseeing all client relationships and swooping in when needed to support on a micro level. 

From nurse to C-level executive

Unlike many senior leaders in the PV industry, Anne’s career did not start in IT or tech, but in healthcare as a trained nurse. However, a nursing role was tough to manage as a Mum of two and Anne decided a change was needed. Having experience of entering data into a safety database as a nurse, reporting on adverse drug reactions or side effects, she was hired by Novo Nordisk to work in data entry. Her move into PV had started and the business lifestyle fitted her family demands far better. After six months, a project position opened up and she started to really find her place within the industry. As she grew in experience, Anne started to realise how adept she was working with and understanding technology. She joined NNIT and really found her ‘home’. Anne thrived on working between the tech and business teams. During her six years at NNIT, Anne developed from being a Management Consultant to having a team of 20 people reporting to her in Denmark, as well as having responsibility for resources in China, Czech Republic and other territories. 

People and projects

Anne’s role at NNIT solidified the area of business that she flourishes in, that of working with people. One of the areas of nursing she had loved was dealing with people and this continued as her career grew. She took advantage of her strengths in communication, interaction and understanding people’s needs, both as a people manager and when looking after clients. 

After six years Anne moved back to Novo Nordisk to take a role in the clinical area of E-devices as an E-Trials Systems Specialist, but then in 2019, Martin Holm-Petersen (CEO of Insife) asked her to join Insife when he was building his management team. The company of course started small and Anne was Project Managing all the projects herself. But as the company grew, the team grew with it and Anne was keen to move away from the detailed micro-managing of project management, but wanted to keep the overall responsibility of overseeing the accounts. She is now a Senior Executive at the company and has a team of over 50 people reporting in to her.

Insife’s growth

Insife has grown and continues to grow exponentially and Anne’s role now is not only to oversee and manage projects and the delivery of the contracts, but to also make sure that the right processes are used and the right people are in place. She’s currently involved in a lot of recruitment, including hiring a large team of consultants in India and she enjoys this challenge. She now feels like there are the right teams in place and needs to ensure there is a structure and plan for how the teams work. It’s essential that as the company continues to grow, there is a global team in place to manage that growth and the clients that are coming on board. She says:

‘With a clearer team structure in place now, I can more effectively oversee all the projects and monitor where I need to go in to give more comprehensive help.’

This seems like a huge undertaking, looking over every project the company is involved with, but Anne thinks this is her strength:

‘It’s what I do best and why I’m good at my job. I’m good at keeping a lot of balls in the air. I’ve had that since I started at Insife and we’ve all grown together. And with the new recruitment drive, I should have even more time to oversee everything as I should.’

Insife’s future

Anne is excited for Insife’s future. She believes the company will continue to grow and mature very fast due to the stature of the companies who are now working with them. Anne knows that they need to make sure that they’re ready for and can cope with that rapid growth.

‘My role will be key to make sure prioritisation is done properly. So, the helicopter will definitely keep flying, allowing me to oversee all the projects, existing and new.’


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