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Pharmacovigilance: Quo Vadis? Trends and Future Developments

At Insife, we take immense pride in our dedicated team of professionals who continually drive innovation and excellence in the field of pharmacovigilance. One such remarkable individual is our esteemed colleague, dr. Marc Zittartz, who recently took the stage as the Co-Chair and Speaker at the prestigious German Pharmacovigilance Day organized by LS Academy. The event, titled "Pharmacovigilance: Quo Vadis? Trends and Future Developments” provided a platform for industry leaders to explore the evolving landscape of pharmacovigilance.

Marc Zittartz, our Head of Customers and Projects in Central Europe and Managing Director, Germany at Insife, embodies our commitment to delivering unparalleled expertise and insights to drug safety. Marc's leadership has been instrumental in steering our projects and expanding our influence across Central Europe and Germany, showcasing his profound dedication to the industry.

Taking the stage as a Speaker, Marc delved into critical topics, exploring current trends and future directions in pharmacovigilance. He addressed pressing matters such as leveraging emerging technologies, adapting to regulatory shifts, and redefining the role of pharmacovigilance in ensuring patient safety. Marc's insights captivated the audience, sparking dynamic dialogues and igniting enthusiasm for envisioning the future of pharmacovigilance.


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