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Press Release: Qinecsa Solutions announces acquisition of Insife to expand its end-to-end pharmacovigilance technology solutions

Updated: May 13

Qinecsa and Insife's logo for press release

21th March 2024 —Qinecsa Solutions (Qinecsa), specialists in technology-led end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions, proudly announce its acquisition of Insife ApS (Insife), a well-established Danish-based software, technology, and consultancy firm specializing in developing revolutionary pharmacovigilance platforms. This acquisition is in alignment with Qinecsa’s vision, playing a crucial role in the company's pursuit to become the leading provider of digital pharmacovigilance solutions.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence in pharmacovigilance services, Qinecsa has established itself as a trusted global pharmacovigilance partner, offering comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate technology and scientific expertise. Through advanced platforms like Reportum and CVW, Qinecsa empowers life science companies to capture, manage, and evaluate drug safety data with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy throughout the drug life cycle.

Insife is a globally present pharmacovigilance software, technology, and consultancy company that delivers innovation, insights and solutions to pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies across the world. The industry-respected HALOPV platform is considered a safety database with multivigilance capabilities and more, as it covers the end-to-end management of PV processes. HALOPV is available as an enterprise-grade technology, as well as in a multi-tenant SaaS offering for cost-effective uses. In addition, Insife’s global regulatory intelligence club for pharmacovigilance (GRIP) club is a unique combination of technology, multi-sourced intelligence and networking, specifically for pharmacovigilance professionals involved in identifying, assessing and implementing requirements. The acquisition of Insife by Qinecsa represents a strategic move to further strengthen Qinecsa's position as the providing leader of pharmacovigilance solutions, and technologies. By bringing together Qinecsa and Insife’s deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory environment, we will offer an enhanced suite of pharmacovigilance services and technologies to support pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies worldwide.

Commenting on the acquisition, John Gillie, CEO of Qinecsa Solutions, stated, "We are thrilled to welcome Insife into the Qinecsa family. This acquisition marks a significant milestone and is a natural fit, reinforcing our position as a unique pharmacovigilance provider. By integrating Insife 's cutting-edge automation technology, specialized knowledge, and consultancy services into our offerings, we are poised to deliver even greater value and support to our customers globally."

The acquisition will enable Qinecsa to leverage Insife 's expertise in software development and consultancy to enhance its existing pharmacovigilance services and accelerate further innovation in the field. Together, Qinecsa and Insife will continue to lead the industry in advancing patient safety, drug development, and regulatory compliance through AI-driven technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

"We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as an entity within Qinecsa Solutions," said Martin Holm-Petersen, CEO of Insife. "Joining forces with Qinecsa is a strategic move for the company, its people, and customers. We will leverage the platform to expand our global footprint and better support our clients with HALOPV in combination with Qinecsa’s best-of-breed technology solutions and services for all areas and life cycles of drugs. Together, we will be able to underline on our position as the number one technology provider for pharmacovigilance, expand our reach and capabilities, while driving positive outcomes for the pharmaceutical industry."

Qinecsa Solutions is a portfolio company of Stanley Capital Partners.


About Qinecsa Solutions

Qinecsa are specialists in technology led end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions. We are trusted, global partners bringing together best-in-class technology and scientific expertise to connect life science companies to the right safety solutions. Through our unique insight into the challenges of pharmacovigilance, we have created industry-leading, end-to-end solutions for capturing, managing, and evaluating drug safety data, more efficiently and accurately. Working with life science companies we drive progress to continue protecting lives.

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About Insife

Insife is a software, technology, and consultancy company specializing in pharmacovigilance solutions. With a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory landscape, Insife delivers innovative technologies and insights to optimize processes and drive digital transformation across organizations.

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About Stanley Capital Partners

Stanley Capital Partners LLP (SCP) is a fast-growing European-focused mid-market private equity firm with proven expertise in finding and building value, locked up in the growth businesses of tomorrow. The firm brings enhanced efficiency through proprietary research and technology to identify investment opportunities that help deliver lasting transformation in Healthcare, Technology and Resource Efficiency businesses with enterprise values of $250m-2.5bn or more. Founded in 2019 by Simon Cottle, James Brooks and Patrick Hargutt, SCP partners with management teams to create value through M&A, operational change, and technology enablement. With a 100+-strong team of professionals, SCP has assets under management of $460m today.

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