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PROHALO Webinar 24th January 2024

On 24th January, we were delighted to host a live webinar outlining our ground-breaking PV solution PROHALO. The webinar was presented by Jen Markey, Insife’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and also Slobodan Vucinic, Senior Business Consultant at NNIT. Jen has worked for Insife for two years but has spent the last 25 years in and around PV and drug safety systems, both in industry and consulting. Slobodan has worked in the PV space for over seven years, having worked for both a CRO and a pharma company. He is passionate about PV systems and bridging the gap between technology and business. He’s spent the last two years at NNIT as part of the drug safety department.

Insife and NNIT

The presenters started by briefly describe their companies:

Insife is a drug safety technology and consulting company based in Denmark with offices in the US, UK, Germany, Croatia and India. The company started in 2017, launching its drug safety solution HALOPV and growing exponentially since then, both in staffing numbers and clients. Insife now has five tier-1 pharma companies using HALOPV, as well as two tier-1 regulators and over 20 SME pharma, biotech and CROs.

NNIT is a Danish based global tech consultancy company specialising in life sciences. The company continuously looks for ways to achieve improvement of PV systems and services for the life sciences value chain. Although the company is PV agnostic, it is working closely with Insife, seeing it as a key player in the PV solution market.

HALOPV and PROHALO – more than just a safety database

Jen went on to talk about the history of HALOPV and how it started as a solution to sit alongside clients’ safety databases, doing the things that the safety databases typically don’t do. It has now grown into a complete end-to-end PV solution, including being a safety database as well, with 20 fully integrated modules.

She also talked of the difference between HALOPV and PROHALO, PROHALO being the multi-tenant version of HALOPV. It has exactly the same software and all the same modules and functionality, but in a shared environment, which means although it can still be bespoke for each client, there are certain features that are shared. This means the pricing can be much more competitive, including the entry level being completely free. The solution looks after all your PV business needs, but with many options depending on your size and type of company.

She then spoke in more detail about the different areas of the system and the 20 modules. These include Case Intake and Processing, PSMF, Aggregate Reporting, Regulatory Requirements and much more.

Implementation from the beginning to going live

It was then Slobodan’s turn to discuss the partnership between NNIT and Insife and how that collaboration has delivered the best possible implementation of HALOPV and PROHALO. He was keen to point out that this collaboration now offers a successful and proven approach in setting up your PV system, starting from decision making right through to going live.

Slobodan strongly believes that HALOPV and PROHALO offer one of the most comprehensive and easily integratable and scalable solutions on the market and he told the webinar listeners in detail why he thinks this. He went on to demo PROHALO for everyone, showing the ease of accessing all the modules and going through the various workflows.

A unique subscription model

Insife calls their subscription model a ‘Pay for what you use’ model and Jen told everyone how that works, explaining the six tiers used from micro to unlimited. The prices and the benefits you get at each tier are completely transparent and are listed on Insife’s website, something that is rarely done by a software company.

Five things to remember

In conclusion, Jen talked about the five key benefits of PROHALO - the things that really distinguish this end-to-end solution from its competitors. It offers clients:


Superior Quality: Use the same technology as big pharmas and regulators.

Flexibility: Start small and expand to meet your needs quickly and easily.

Innovation: Stay up to date with the latest technology and improvements.

Quick Delivery: Out of the box delivery to ensure a quick start and smooth transition.

Pay As You Use: Only pay for what you use – modules, users, records, environments.


After a short Q&A, the webinar ended and the feedback has been excellent. It was a very interesting and informative session. If you are interested in learning more about HALOPV or PROHALO, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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