The most comprehensive drug safety system available

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Imagine if you were able to orchestrate and execute all the global activities through a single application? What if that application at the same time would cut away all the time spent getting the data to the right people and into the right places - and automate tasks?


Traditionally, global drug safety in a pharma company is constructed around a safety database and a number of additional tools are added to secure affiliate and partner reporting, compliance management, literature monitoring, regulatory intelligence, risk management etc. Lately, automation has become increasingly important, to counter the impact of increased adverse event reporting and overall increasing complexities in managing global operations.

HALOPV is the platform that can handle it all, from ICSRs, SDEAs to PSMF management, Data collection programs etc. It consists of 15 unique modules and keeps on getting more and more advanced. With our 6-monthly release schedule, our customers are ensured a route to get new features at a high frequency.

Further information is provided on halopv.com

Feature highlights

Workflow driven process support for global activities across pharma HQs, affiliates, partners, CROs, Agencies

Built-in compliance monitoring and management, including CAPAs

Mobile version, ready to travel with you

Ready to access in the cloud. On premise possible.

Built-in automation orchestration, ready to seamlessly incorporate rules based processing, managing unstructured sources with natural language processing (NLP) and reverse completion of language sections with natural language generation (NLG), as well as adding machine learning/AI  into your processes


Integrated with your Office 365 Sharepoint/Onedrive environment. You can edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents etc. directly from HALOPV records in workflow and add multiple reviewers.

Highly configurable and easy to setup for your organization’s needs

Want to know more, get a demo or take it for a test drive?

We are ready to provide your with further information, and can setup a demo for you, where we take you through a guided tour of the application. If you would like to take it a step further, we also have test environments for you to explore in detail. 

Write to sales@insife.com - we are looking forward to helping your organization!