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HALOPV is a massive system, with an almost infinite option to learn more. We invite you to dive in and become a HALO Champion!

User guides

Guide and Manual - General features for users

The guide for HALOPV 4.x introduction + general features is a great place to start. It will get you more about basic capabilities that are general across all the HALOPV modules.  The Manual is a traditional manual format


Guide and Manual - Application Management and User Admin

These documents for HALOPV 4.x are explaining the Application Management of HALOPV as well as the User Admin section. Recommended for experienced users and administrators. The guide is a visual walk-through, and the manual is a traditional manual format.

Guide - How to setup of templates

This guide for HALOPV 4.x explains how to setup and use MS Word based templates for generation of letters, agreements, aggregate reports etc.

Guide - Interactive reports

This guide for HALOPV 4.x explains how to use and personalize the common listings in the application that are called "interactive Reports".

Want to know more, get a demo or take it for a test drive?

We are ready to provide your with further information, and can setup a demo for you, where we take you through a guided tour of the application. If you would like to take it a step further, we also have test environments for you to explore in detail. 

Write to sales@insife.com - we are looking forward to helping your organization!

Video courses

This section will be available soon!